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Welcome to the Bahria Town Media Centre.

For a collection of Press Releases related to Chairman,Press Releases, Press Advertisements, Documentries and Picture Gallery click on the appropriate link.

  • Press Releases

    Bahria Town is frequented by government dignitaries and celebrities for impressive inauguration and event ceremonies and personal investment visits alike. Never miss an opportunity to attend these events or to rejoin. Press Releases will also include information/updates on the Bahria Town projects.

  • Press Advertisements

    Have you been caught by surprise a bit too often to pay your installments or having missed the last date to apply for a dream project. Whatever be the case now you can stay updated on all our public advertisements published across regional and national newspapers without having to change your favorite paper. Visit this section often to check on the latest press advertisements archived in chronological order for ease in location.

    You can find all the relevant press releases immaculately managed here in chronological order.

  • Virtual Tours

    Welcome to the unique photographic virtual reality tour of Bahria Town. This visually stunning resource uses interactive web pages which allow you to explore and manipulate 360 degree photographic panoramas of Bahria Town.

  • Picture Gallery

    Picture Perfect is what we call them. Bits and pieces of our huge work of art! We have captured pictures of the exotic Bahria Town locations for you to feast your eyes on and to give them that much needed brake from monotonous and tiring metropolis images.

  • Videos

    Take a tour to the various development phases of our rapidly shaping projects or just enjoy the colorful events and joyous ceremonies held at Bahria Town regularly. Just pick a video by coverage interest and enjoy the greens and feel the breeze of the heavenly Bahria Town.

  • Events

    Bahria Town Event Management Team designs and manages various sports, outdoors and cultural events.
    These aim to bring the community together as a whole and welcoming the many visitors attracted to
    participate in the fun and festivities.

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Offer to Purchase 14.42% Ordinary Shares of Escorts Investment Bank Limited.
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