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Road Network

Roads are like arteries in the human body, if any gets blocked or falls out of circuit, the entire system suffers. The road network in Bahria Town is designed keeping the criticality of smooth flow. Roads have been made so as to connect the various projects in Bahria Town; this creates a sense of community like no one else does. Members are able to benefit from the amenities & facilities in other projects with ease.

The concept of the road mesh revolves around quickest, most direct and easiest access to and fro locations of frequency and emergency like commercial hubs and medical facilities from each single location in Bahria Town. Exceptionally maintained green belts with water sprinklers and footpaths makes this community first choice for families aspiring a good quality life.

Traffic Management features
Bahria Town has complete traffic management system which includes:

  • Signals
  • Caution Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Street and House Indication Signs
  • Reflective Signs for night Direction & Safety
  • Road Barriers (Check Points)
  • 24/7 patrolling throughout Bahria Town of Privates uniformed traffic officers
  • Takes less Time to reach to commercial and medical facilities from any where in Bahria Town

Few Main Roads
Main Boulevard road runs between Phase 2 & 3 in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and is 150 feet wide, with wide green belt and water sprinkler.

An other Main Boulevard on the patterns of the Champs Elysee is also being developed in Phase-8, the main boulevard will also house high rise multi- storied buildings, and will be transformed into the commercial hub of Rawalpindi.

80 feet wide road “Central Avenue” is serving the Safari Villas Lahore, It runs next to the Trafalgar Square and the Safari Park. Another 100 feet wide road in Safari Villas also serves other road arteries in Safari Villas Lahore.

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