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Monuments are testaments to ones intentions and commitments. At Bahria Town our monuments are selected to demonstrate our commitment to our patrons; the customers and residents. Our commitment to our patrons is as beautiful, intricate and real as the unique and exclusive monuments spread all over Bahria Town.

Yet again, Bahria Town stands out as the only society in Pakistan to have such fine art elements gracing its landscape.

These include the:

      • World Globe: Located on the Main Boulevard running between Phases 2 & 3, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The globe represents the international standards that have been achieved in Bahria Town developments.
      • Spanish Fountains in Overseas Enclave Rawalpindi celebrate the art and culture of the world.
      • Trafalgar Square: Already the most visited place by all ages and groups in Bahria Town Lahore by residents and visitors alike. It gives a sense of nostalgia too good to be coming from a replica of the original in London, UK.
      • Water Fall Monument: To be adorning Sector C Bahria Town Lahore. At a height of 60 feet, once completed this will be the tallest artificial water fall, used as a monument in Pakistan. Waterfall symbolizes peace, tranquility serenity and rejuvenation.
      • The Clock Tower in Phase-2 Bahria Town Rawalpindi represents the timeless appeal of Bahria Town. This development has been constructed with an eye to the future.
      • The Tonga, on the Corniche Road in Phase 4 at the Ashiq Hussain Bridge pays tribute to the rich history of Pakistan. ‘Tonga’, which was used in this part of the world even by the Mohenjodaro civilization.
      • The Walkway connecting Safari Park with Trafalgar Square symbolizes integrated property development and celebrates the community spirit.
      • Pyramids, a special Enclave has been designed in Bahria Town Lahore themed on the pattern of Egyptian treasures. The entrance consists of the Egyptian themed grand entrance gate; Obelisks have been placed on main roundabouts of the enclave. Two parks planned on the Cambodian & Egyptian theme have also been planned. The boundary wall and the main entrance gate has the old Egyptian letters calligraphic images.

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