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GreenValley Premium Supermarket

“Greenvalley”, is another super mart but with a distinct look that supersedes all claims of its peers in the same category as an international level Shopping Malls.

Located in the most prestigious place, the Mall of Lahore, it unravels the true intrinsic values and a shopping experience that can only be felt in the best Malls of Europe. The spaces are reminiscent of the international retail houses like spinneys, waitrose and other leading stores of Europe and America.

It is a first for the Pakistani consumer, a high end retail store that reveals in its ostentatious display the great range and diversity of products that can cater to an equally diverse clientele and customer.  Unlimited is the word that best describes the product range at Greenvalley, supermarket. For the Pakistani shopper it is a dream come true, for not only does it have as they say “everything under the sun”, it also extends to its customer that privilege of the access to the best products catering to the needs of every person predisposed to quality but at a price that has no qualms of being the best in every category.

At Greenvalley, we combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. Above all, we take pride in rhe freshness, quality & range of our food and products.

    - Imported Groceries
    - Rotisserie & Italian Foods
    - Butchery & Fishery Counter
    - Chocolate & Donut Factory
    - Delicatessen Counter
    - Hot Food Counter & Juice Bar
    - Cheese Counter
    - Cosmetics & Perfumery
    - Bakery & Patisserie
    - Home Appliances
    - Imported/ Local Fruits & Vegetables
    - Sweets Counter

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