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“This project is most dearest to me. We are Alhamdulillah providing free daily meals to more than 35,000 people daily, twice a day. We will Inshallah be opening 12 more Dastarkhwans in addition to 6 already operational. I am very thankful to God Almighty for having me privileged enough tobe able to serve others.”

Malik Raiz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town.


“In developing economies like Pakistan it is impossible for the government to undertake social welfare projects on its own and it is the responsibility of private sector to come forward and start programs for welfare of general public. It is hoped that following the footsteps of Bahria Town other corporations and business entities will initiate various projects for the well being of general public.”

Cdre. (r) M. Ilyas, Project In-charge, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi Datarkhwan.


“I am very grateful to the Bahria Town management & specially Malik Riaz Hussain for setting up this facility. I get paid on daily basis & now if don’t get a work on a day; I know atleast I will be able to feed myself & not sleep without food”

Akram Bhatti, Regular at the Dastarkhwan.


“I am very thankful to Malik Riaz Hussain for this facility. It is sad that no one else has ever provided this service on such a scale, even the government has been unable to sustain anything like this. I wish him & his company all the best & now never miss out their names in our prayers”

Imran Qureshi, Regular at the Dastarkhwan.


“Thanks to Malik Riaz, now I can save upto Rs. 3000 more per month & send it back home. This amount is now used to pay tuition fee for my children. I hope one day the education will help them achieve success and also contribute to the society.”

Faisal, Regular at the Dastarkhwan.
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